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The OEM/ODM section of our website showcases our expertise in providing Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services. We specialize in working closely with our clients to develop customized medical consumables for surgical applications. Whether you have a specific product concept in mind or need assistance in designing and manufacturing a unique solution, our team of experienced professionals will collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life. Through our OEM/ODM services, we aim to deliver high-quality, innovative, and tailored medical consumables that meet your exact requirements.

Technical Registration Support

In the Technical Registration Support section, we provide comprehensive assistance to healthcare professionals and companies in navigating the complex regulatory landscape associated with medical consumables. We understand the importance of complying with various regulations and standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your products. Our knowledgeable team offers expert guidance throughout the registration process, helping you prepare and submit the necessary documentation, conducting risk assessments, and ensuring compliance with local and international regulations. With our technical registration support, you can streamline the approval process and accelerate your time to market.

Products Iteration

The Product Iteration segment of our website focuses on our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. We understand that the medical field is constantly evolving, and we strive to stay at the forefront of advancements. In this section, we highlight our dedication to refining and enhancing our existing product offerings. Our experienced team of engineers and researchers constantly explores new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes to enhance the performance, usability, and safety of our medical consumables. By choosing our product iteration services, you can access the latest advancements in the industry and ensure that your surgical procedures benefit from cutting-edge solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  •  Basic structural and mechanical components
  •  Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  •  Basic troubleshooting and calibration protocols
  •  Interpretation of results and corresponding clinical implications


Personalized service

Our technical support specialists are not just tech savy but are also keen to fulfill on-demand market needs. As such, we strive to provide personalized service that is tailored to specific customer requests. Whenever there is demand, we are here to help.


Personalized service

We take excellent care of our customers even after the technical support service is complete. After each issue or query is addressed, our technical support team always follows up to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Strengths

Rapid customer response
In medical consumable fields, time is of utmost importance, and Medprocover understands that. Through our extensive global customer service network and comprehensive technical support system, our technical support team can respond promptly to your requests and queries, providing quality service in a timely manner.

Professional troubleshooting support

All our technical support specialists have undergone rigorous training and are constantly upgrading their skills to satisfy emerging customer demands. From machine troubleshooting to test kit result queries, our customers can always count on us to provide professional consulting and feasible solutions. Moreover, our team can communicate in various languages – including Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and German – to accommodate customers from different language backgrounds. In short, we never compromise in providing our customers the best technical support service.